Paint things

-i paint to obey fire-

I started painting on canvas in 2004,around the same year when i started tattooing.

i drew a lot since as far back as I can a kid I was highly influenced bij the old Hammer Horror Films.fantasy and science fiction were also favorite topics I used for inspiration for my drawings.

school was not cool, creating obscure deformations on paper was more my thing.....

Did some Graffiti,and started with special FX make up ,Cuts and bruises lots of blood.ha ha

then I saw a painting of Bekskinski that blew my mind. also got into the old Heavy Metal Magazines,

thus i discovered Robt.Williams,Zap comics,Juxtapoz magazine ect....

all influences I used in my drawings..later paintings and sculptures,,,,,,

psychedelics gave me new perspectives, doors opened that were closed before,

This broudened my spectrum of creativity, giving me 11 fingers instead of 10...